Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Christmas List

It's been almost a whole month since I've blogged.  We've had Thanksgiving, I've decorate, I've worked, I've decorated, I've attempted to (almost) finish the semester of teaching FOUR classes, I've decorated, I've shopped, I've decorated, I've wrapped gifts, I've decorated, and I have tried to get ready for my trip.  Whew!

Today, I'm coming up with a few things that I think could make great presents if you haven't finished (or started) your shopping...

I've had Echo gloves on my list before.  They were one of the original (if not the original) glove companies that did "magic fingers" for our smart phones.  But they've come a long way baby!  Now they are super cute and stylish.  I purchased this cute ruffle pair for myself.  They come in several colors, but I got the berry ("because pink is my signature color")...

I also covet this cheetah print pair, but didn't think we get enough cold in Texas to justify buying both (but if they get market down, these might have to come home with me too!)...

This reads like a paid advertisement from Echo (I wish), but I think this Colorblock Reversible Cape is super cute too (also comes in a variety of colors)...
the reverse side

Ok, don't let me lose you here... I'm recommending a pair of Crocs.  Have you checked out their Luxe Duck Boots?  Super cute, and unlike a lot of winter boots I tried on this year (and I tried a bunch), these are so light weight they don't make your legs burn if you walk 100 yards in them.  And of course, they are Crocs, so they super comfy.  The fur and leather are super soft.  I kinda love them.

Butter London polish is a frequent flyer on my gift list as well.  I think I have so many colors, it might actually constitute "a problem" now.  A couple of new colors that I've been loving...

Ruby Murray

Queen Vic

I think one of the gifts of the season may be Yeti tumblers, low balls, koozies, etc.  They have become a little hard to find, but worth the hunt.  I got one for my birthday and I freaking LOVE the thing.  My poor Tervis tumblers no longer get any love.  My friend had mine monogrammed.  You can find shops around that will do it for you, or you can order the monogram and put it on yourself.  

If you know someone who hasn't watched Downton Abbey (gasp!), now would be a great time to supply them with the first 5 seasons so that they can catch up and enjoy the final season when it airs in the US beginning in January.

Have you seen the Kate Spade Placemats?  They come in a variety of sayings, but I'm partial to these.  Super cute addition to any table.

So there are a few ideas!  If you need to buy a few gifts, I hope this gave you some ideas (or you know, things to put on your own wish list!).

If you online shop and haven't signed up for Ebates, you should totally do so now.  Why give up free money?!?  You can click HERE to sign up with my invitation.  Don't miss out!



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