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Big 40 in the Big Easy

This is a several weeks belated post, but better late than never!  A few weeks ago, I traveled to New Orleans for my birthday and was joined by 4 sweet friends who left their families for the weekend to help me celebrate.  Even though everyone already had their flights booked, I still wanted to send an invitation with some information...

I was so thankful that they were such good friends they would leave their kids and husbands, spend money to fly to New Orleans, and celebrate me for a weekend, I wanted them to have welcome bags upon arrival. In addition to the itinerary, I provided some snacks (moon pie, Zapps Voo-doo chips, and some pistachios), a bottle of water and special made Koozie for the occasion, hand sanitizer (it is NOLA), a monogrammed jewelry bowl, and beads of course! On the way to lunch we stopped at Jackson Square.  We were still waiting on our 5th to arrive. We didn't take a ton of pics, but for lunch we went to Emeril's NOLA.  Then for dinner we took an Ube…

Happy Halloween {2016 Edition}

Happy Halloween!
This year Lola is a pupcake!
There is a super cute head piece, but she looked so miserable in those pics, I couldn't even post them :-) As always, she is super thrilled to be in the costume for the 3 minutes I force her to wear it for a photo.  
Poor Lola.  She got some sort of bacteria this summer that causes her saliva to stain her beard (and paws where she licks).  So she isn't shiny white like normal. "What is this thing?" ~ Lola "That's it Mom.  I'm DONE!" ~ Lola

Fall at the Arboretum

Well, it's been hot again this week, so not exactly fall like.  But last week, my law partner's kids had a week off for Fall Break when we actually caught a break with the temps, and went to the Dallas Arboretum on a cool-ish day.  Or as 5 year old Harper says...we went to the Arburrito.

There were some beautiful monarch butterflies around the plants

Harper loved running around this flower bed area...
For these 3 cute pics, there are like 8 more equally cute ones I'm not posting.  I really like how they turned out, so it was worth battling the bee that thought I smelled really sweet. These really made me want to plant some ornamental peppers. Pumpkin Village!

Trying to kiss big brother!

I guess once a little sister figures out you hate kisses, she's going to try to do it all day long!