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Europe at Christmas {Budapest ~ Day Two}

Sunday, December 20th was my second day in Budapest, and the last day of my vacation.  I sat down on Saturday night to plot and plan my Sunday so I could maximize time on my last day.  I woke up on Sunday morning, and once again, Mother Nature had put a big old kink in my plans... it was the foggiest foggy day you could imagine.  I was pretty ticked off because weather has killed some of my vacation plans this year (cancelled boat trip around Acadia, Red Sox game...).

I regrouped and decided to go ride the tour bus around the second half.  I had a schedule and hurried down, skipping breakfast, so I could catch the correct bus.  Turns out the bus schedules are not really schedules at all I guess, so I ended up doing the full round on the bus.  I got to see lots, and almost froze to death sitting up on the upper (open) level of the bus for over 2 hours.

Gellert Hill and Statue of St. Gellert Budapest Castle Hill Funicular Buda Castle Fisherman's Bastion

Matthias Church

A lot of the…