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Montreal & Quebec City {Day 2}

Day 2 in Montreal started at Olive + Gourmando (again), but this time, I just grabbed a Brioche to-go and ate it as I walked to catch the double decker tour bus.
I had mapped out several stops for the day, and things to do and see at each.  The first stop was the Musée du Château Ramezay, which is one of UNESCO's 1001 historic sites to see before you die.  It was built by the 11th governor of Montréal, and the most interesting thing I read at the museum was that Benjamin Franklin stayed here when he went to Quebec at the start of the American Revolution.

This was the prettiest room in the Château

The back of the house
The Château's garden

Across from the Château is Ville de Montréal, or Montréal's City Hall.  They are getting it, and really the whole city, shined up for next year's 375th Anniversary of Montréal.
This is a balcony where Charles de Gaulle gave a famous speech in 1967 where he said "Vive Montréal!  Vive Québec!  Vive le Québec libre!", which translates to "Long live Montreal!  Long live Quebec!  Long live free Quebec!"  Calling for Quebec Sovereignty was a little controversial to say the least.
They have lots of topiaries representing the city in front of City Hall.

These buildings line the old port.  They used to be warehouses.

The musical, Mary Poppins,  was is going on all summer, and they have the umbrellas decorating the road out front.
This is Chihuly piece is right out front of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Oratoire St-Joseph was my next stop.
It's the world's largest and most popular shrine dedicated to Joseph.

The votive chapel was really pretty

The view from the first balcony

The actual sanctuary is more austere
The view from the second balcony

Over 2 million visitors come each year, and the most devout catholics climb those 99 steps in the front (center) on their knees.

I went back to Olive + Gourmando for lunch because I wanted to try the Le Cubain panini (pancetta, roasted pork, raw milk Gruyère = yum)
This pretty flower stand is in Square Victoria.  Square Victoria blends the city's French and English history.  

Queen Victoria statue
If this subway stop looks Parisian, that's because Paris gifted Montréal with an authentic métro entrance.

For dinner that evening, I went to Brit & Chips, which is a pretty authentic British chippy...

The perks of being in a Commonwealth Country!
Last view of Montréal!
Stay tuned for Day 3, where I rent a car and drive North!


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