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Italy for the New Year {Venice & Milan- Day 7}

The last full day of my vacation was on January 5th.   I spent a few hours in Venice before my 10:50 train out of Venezia San Lucia to Milano Centrale.  I went to St. Mark's Square first thing just to take in the sights of Venice one last time without crowds...
A classic Venice scene... The day before I made sure I could find the taxi dock where I arrived, and I even walked down there to make sure taxis were available.  The day before there were 4 or 5 docked there.  
That morning when I needed one, there were none.  Of course!
I went to the end of the dock and tried to flag down some that I saw driving by.  I guess they don't do that?  Because they all looked at me like I was deranged.  
I yelled over at some Gondoliers and asked how to get a taxi.  They suggested I walk to San Mark's Square dock.  I could do that, but I had luggage, and the streets are not great for rolling luggage, plus you factor in all the bridges, and that didn't seem like it should be Plan B.  …

Italy for the New Year {Venice-Day 6}

On Day 6 of my trip, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Venice.  First thing I did was make my way St. Mark's Square for a tour of the Basilica.  The line had been long on the previous day, so I figured if I got there when it opened I could miss the line.  This strategy worked.
 The mosaics outside the Basilica tell stories, specifically of the theft of St. Mark's body from Alexandria, Egypt in A.D. 828.
 The detail everywhere is amazing.  They don't allow photos inside, but the gold mosaic is unlike any other Basilica you will see.  Google "St. Mark's Basilica Photos Interior" and just browse the pics if you are interested.  It's stunning and worth a look.
 The Clock Tower in St. Mark's Square (Torre dell'Orologio)
 San Marco Column
 San Marco Column on left, San Theodore Column on right

 La Fenice Opera House that was next door to my hotel
Built in 1792, it has seen the first performance of many famous Operas.
 Traffic Jam, Venice Style

 I …