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Planning a Trip

I'm certainly no expert, but when people inquire about how I plan my trips, they always seem shocked that I do all the planning myself.  I don't book the trips through an organized tour, and I don't use a travel agent.  I do enjoy planning trips, and I know everyone doesn't, but it doesn't always require hours and hours of planning, and I think it is easy for everyone to do.
I've written before about some tools I use for planning trips, so if you want to check that post out, you can click HERE.
Where are you going?
First step, is figuring out where you want to go.  This also will require figuring out how long you can be gone.  I always have a running list of vacation itineraries in my head, but if you don't, then a good place to start is by looking at a map.  I also will google train travel times from one location to the next to figure out destinations.  I think this is also where guidebooks and pinterest can come in can find great itineraries fr…

My Trips to Europe and Canada