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Feeling Like Fall Should HURRY UP Already!

We are less than a week out from October and I am feeling like Fall needs to hurry it the heck up!  I guess I should be grateful that the 10 day forecast appears to be in the 80's (with heat index in the 90's I assume) instead of the upper 90's and feeling over 100', but I'm too busy dreaming of cooler temps.

I've geared up for Fall and I'm ready to wear something other than what I've been wearing since April.  Since we have a little way to go, I'll show you some new Fall items I've purchased for wearing now, and some for when my cooler temps really come...

The first thing you can transition to Fall in Texas is makeup.  Yes, you may still sweat it off, but you can at least sweat off a new Fall pallet of colors.  I have far too much makeup, so I was good and didn't buy any new eye colors, but I did buy 3 new colors of my favorite lipstick in the world.  I've said it before, but Tom Ford is the king of lipsticks.  They are stupid expensive…