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Planning my next adventure...

I'm constantly "planning" my next adventures in head.  I have an always updating list in my head of places I want to visit and things I want to see there.  If someone offered me all the cash I needed for whatever I could plan in a couple of hours, I'd be set.

I've been wanting to go to London.  This is nothing new, I always want to go to London.  The difference is that I wanted to go for a specific purpose and on a specific timeline.  I wanted to go see the Kensington Palace Diana Exhibit which is on until January.

I also really wanted to see the Fife Tiara and Queen Victoria's Emerald Tiara that have very recently gone on display at KP as well..

So I've been thinking about where I could go in addition to London, and contemplating trying out the discount air carrier, Wow Airlines, since they are now flying out of Dallas.  I finally narrowed my "other" destination to Iceland or Amsterdam.  Both those locations seemed better suited for a summer t…