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The In's and Out's of Flying WowAir

WowAir is a new airline to DFW.  They traditionally offer super cheap flights to Europe, but you have to stop in Iceland.  You do not have to stay in Iceland though.  My layover going to London was suppose to be 1 hour and 45 minutes, but due to a flight delay, it was zero minutes basically (they held our connecting plane for us and I ran like there was a frog chasing me.  If you know me, you know that means I've kicked into a superhero warp speed that you can't believe exists in me).  My flight from Amsterdam to DFW was suppose to be about 5 hours, but due to a delay was just over 6.  But you can also arrange to spend a little time in Iceland if you want.  It's up to you.
I decided I wanted to spend more time in Iceland than I could wrap into this trip, so it's a future trip for sure.  This was taken from the airport.  These pretty purple flowers were everywhere. Now here is all the scoop that you need to know about booking and flying on WowAir:
These are the cities …

Europe 2018 {Dutch Countryside~Day Seven}

Tuesday, July 17th was my last day of vacation, and I wanted to see some windmills!   I had booked a trip through Viator to go to the Dutch countryside.  The tour left a bit late because a fatality traffic accident had held up our bus, but they didn't cut our tour short, we just went longer into the day.  Our first stop was at a farm that makes cheese.  We got an explanation of how they make the Gouda, and then we got to sample cheese. Lots of cheese
There were beautiful hydrangeas at the cheese farm.  Cheese farm?  Cheese factory?  I don't know what you should call it! The next stop was Volendam in North Holland again, the flowers were beautiful

Volendam Harbor We can call this picture "What Kara did NOT eat for lunch"... 
The next stop was the town of Edam More Hydrangeas!
Whenever the bridge has to be raised, the same guy raises all of them.  No they aren't automated.  He raises one, the boat passes, then he lowers it, hops on his bicycle and races to the next…