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Europe at Christmas {Day Eight ~ Freiburg & Frankfurt, Germany}

December 22nd was my last day of vacation, and I was spending it in Germany as I had a flight out of Frankfurt on December 23rd.  I took the tram to the train station in Basel that morning and took a 45 minute train to Freiburg.  You always hear "German trains run on time!".  Well I have photographic proof that is NOT true.  As you can see my train was stopped on the tracks just outside Freiburg and was already 12 minutes late!   Once I arrived in Freiburg, I did something I had never done before, and stored my luggage at the train station for a short stop in this city. I honestly didn't know much about Freiburg.  I had seen pictures and thought it looked like a pretty city.  Approx 220,000 people live here, it's a university town, and on the western edge of the Black Forest.  I also had read that they had a good Christmas market, and December 22nd was the last day for the market in 2018.  Freiburg is a city that many people visit while in Alsace.  It's only abo…

Europe at Christmas 2018 {Day Six~Basel, Switzerland}

On December 21st, I said "Au revior" to France and "Hallo" to Switzerland.  It is only a short, 50 minute, train ride from Colmar to Basel, Switzerland.  I arrived and had decided to just walk to the hotel as it was only about a 15 minute walk.  Unfortunately it started to rain a few minute into that walk, so it wasn't pleasant.  The rain continued to be an issue all day.  It was raining hard enough that my camera was getting pretty wet, and as a result, I have VERY FEW photos of Basel.

First up, I had some trouble locating my hotel.  I was certain I had found it because I saw the hotel sign on the street side of the building, but locating the entrance was a little difficult.  Mainly the problem was that I didn't realize my hotel was actually in the middle of one of the Christmas markets!  I was able to check in right away, and then I headed out to find some lunch.  The lunch spot also proved very difficult to find, but I did find my way to the town hall. …