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Swiss Oatmeal {Copy Cat Recipe}

I'm obsessed with Swiss Oatmeal.  I particularly love  Corner Bakery's Swiss Oatmeal.  If you are not familiar with Swiss Oatmeal, it is a cold oatmeal cereal with fruit and nuts.

I've had a similar recipe for years, but it was only similar.  It wasn't close enough for my liking.  So I finally set out into the land of Pinterest to find a recipe that was a good Copy Cat.  I found a few, combined them and came up with what I think is a very close Copy Cat Recipe of Corner Bakery's Swiss Oatmeal.

Here's what I do (note, this recipe is really just pictures, because I don't really have measurements for these things.  The photos aren't great, but it's easier if I show you what I do)...

Here's the Phase 1 ingredients...
Yogurt (I use a vanilla greek yogurt)
Oats (old fashioned, not probably could do steel cut too)

I've simplified this to where you only need a bowl and a spoon for Phase 1 because I use my yogurt cup as a measuring cup.
For the most part, it is equal parts Oats, Milk & Yogurt. 
However, I tend to use a little more oats than Yogurt...
and a little less milk...
Dump those three ingredients into your bowl and then stir it up...
Next add some honey
This is probably a taste preference thing, but this is how much I add (probably about 2 Tablespoons).
Then you stir it up until it is a soupy yucky looking combination.
Pop it in the refrigerator and let it sit over night.
The next morning, you finish off the Swiss Oatmeal with Phase II of ingredients.
This is what I like to use, but this is also where you can really personalize Swiss Oatmeal to your taste buds.
I use a granny smith apple because I like the tartness.  I use pecans because I like a little crunch.  I also do a banana and dried cranberries.
You could obviously do a different nut if you wanted, berries, raisins, or even some crushed pineapple could be good.
I'm showing you this photo for two purposes.
(1) You can see it thickens over night
(2) You can see that this is how much oatmeal mixture I started out with (watch, it's like Tuna Salad.  It grows and grows and grows as you add your ingredients).
I chop all the fruits & nuts and dump them into the oatmeal.  Then give it a good stir...
and voila!  Your Swiss Oatmeal is done!
See how full the bowl is?

The yogurt cup I use is 6 oz, and out of this measurement "cup", I get two large servings.
It's so good!


Anonymous said…
Yum! I wish I was chowing down on this right now!
Caroline said…
I LOVE oatmeal, but have never had it cold. Will have to give it a try! Thanks!
Siobhan said…
Thank you SOOO much for this post! I have been looking for a recipe for this oatmeal as it's so darn good! I have to say I've vegan-ized it (by replacing the yogurt with Trader Joe's vanilla coconut yogurt as well as using almond or coconut milk), but the end result is DELICIOUS!! Thank you soooooo much!! :)

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