Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day and Moving on to the next "holiday"

We had a good Valentine's Day here at our house. I was given cupcakes by a couple of different sources and that alone is enough to make my week great! Lola was given a new toy that looked like a Jolly Rancher (it even said Jolly Rancher on it) and of course, a new one of her ever favorite pink bones.
She is so smart that last night she brought me one of her old bones (she likes me to hold them while she chews on them...spoiled I know!). I said, "Lola, go get your new pink bone so that it isn't so rough on my hand and then I will hold it for you." She hopped right off the couch and came back shortly with her brand new bone!
As you can see we have done a change over... we're no longer decorated for Valentines and instead are ready to Celebrate Mardi Gras!



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