Monday, March 30, 2009

Blue Shoes

I have been in a search for new blue shoes for 2 years. I don't know if you have looked for cute blue shoes in a while, but let me tell you, it really is a treasure hunt. Let me take a step back and say that while blue shoes are few and far between, most of the ones that I did find are not ones that I find "worthy" of wearing.

I bought a new navy suit a month and a half ago and another jacket that I wear with blue pants, and HAD to get my hands on some new blue shoes so that I can start wearing them. I have looked for a while, but decided today that I was making a trip to the mall and wasn't leaving until I had some blue shoes in hand. I was a little worried because you know how it always goes...when you are looking for it, you never find it.

I made a stop in the Bandolino shoe store and found a pair that were "okay". I wasn't in love with them, but they would work. They were on sale and a good enough price to pay since they weren't just awesome. I put them on hold while I went to Dillards to look. A poor salesguy came up and said "Can I help you?". To which I replied, "I need blue pumps, size 10, and don't bring me something that looks like a grandmother would wear them." Bless his heart. He did a great job. I ended up with a fabulous pair and they were 40% off too!

Here is the shoe find of the day


Abby said...

I feel your pain, I still don't have Blue shoes, I finally just started wearing brown with my blue stuff (that may be a fashion no, but what can you do!!) Yours are cute, the guy did good!


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