Tuesday, May 12, 2009


This morning, I asked Jennifer if we needed to go to Goodwill today and buy clothes for her jailbird client that is going to a jury trial tomorrow. She quickly responded, "NO! I called his Mom and left a message for her to bring him clothes." Okey-dokey, I thought to myself.

Of course about 3:30, Jennifer comes in and says, "What's the number for Court 2?" (I'm the keeper of numbers as she knows none of them). I tell her the number and ask why. She responds, "I'm going to call the court coordinator and ask what to do about clothes for my client." To which I say, "Ummm... I'm betting your not going to like the response you get." "Why?" Jennifer says. "Because she is going to tell you to go to Goodwill!" I say.

One phone call later, and sure enough, we're off to the jail to get size requests from jailbird and then on to Goodwill.

Jailbird is a pretty big guy, but he requested a 5XL shirt, size 42 X 36 pants, and size 13 shoes. Anyone know where the Goodwill Big & Tall is located???? Not in McKinney, we apparently only have short fat men, though Lord knows I could have told you that after being tallish & single and living in this town for 8 years!

For the most part, we could only find 42 x 30 pants, but finally we found 34 length. We figured 2 inches too short is better than 6 inches too short! I ran across a nice 3XL shirt and got that... no way was he really a 5XL. I also found a really nice pair of size 13 dress shoes.

It was a pretty successful trip overall, and it was a first for both Jennifer and me, as neither of us had ever been to Goodwill in our lives (except for drop off). I was very impressed with how everything was arranged by color.

When we got back in the car, Jennifer said, "You can never predict where our days are going to take us." So of course I said, "I think I did this morning." She said, "I thought you were kidding!". In the future, I know to preface possible outlandish statements with "I'm not kidding"!

Here is Jennifer with the Goods!


Traci said...

I loved this story!! True dat on no tall men in Mckinney!

Ann said...

Oh my goodness. We have very different law practices. I can't even imagine. But, thank goodness for you! Everyone needs a good and committed attorney.

Abby said...

I love the idea of you at Good Will. That jail bird is one lucky dude...I love when you are my personal shopper. If you did half as well for him, he is very lucky!

Emilymud said...

I know a wonderful girl...she sent along the great site! Thanks it is only cute because of you. By the way this one made me laugh. Simply because you totally called it! Also because of the statement that you never know how your day will go...that is how I feel with my 6&7 year olds. I never know what kind of craziness will happen!
Thanks for the site.


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