Monday, May 11, 2009

Creature of Habit

Okay, I'm totally cracking up because of this and was able to have my wits about me and my iphone handy to capture a photo...

What's so funny you say? You see, this is where Lola's kennel sits. You don't see it here because last night, my neighbors were outside talking very loudly. Now we don't have huge lots here, so the houses are very close together, but they were talking VERY loudly. No argument, just loud talking. Anyway, Lola kept barking and growling after she went to bed because she could hear them. It was about 10:30 and I was still up reading, so I tried to bring her into my room for a little while, but we could still hear them. About 10:45, I tired of the barking and came up with the solution to move her kennel to the front of the house (on the opposite side from noisy neighbor). That did the trick, but that is where her kennel was until about 5 minutes ago because I haven't had time to move it back to the usual spot.

Normally, when Lola gets really tired, she goes and gets in her kennel herself. Tonight of course, there was no kennel, so she just plopped down there where it is suppose to be. Now how cute is that? Totally a creature of habit!


courtney said...

too funny! total creatures of habit!

Emilymud said...

Oh sweet Lola! I love that she too is a dog with habbits. My sister made fun of me when I visited because at 9 pm Winston was ready for bed... I hope sweet Lola got her kennel back for bed time, with no loud talking.


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