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Balloon, Bloggers & Birthday...oh my!


First of all I want to say Thank You to everyone who stopped by my Christmas in July Blog Party yesterday. There was so much traffic and there were soooo many comments! I LOVE IT! Hopefully some of you who visited for the first time will keep coming back to visit!

Thanks to Maggi for hosting CIJ! It was super fun!

Now, for the winner of the Santa Bubble Light.... drumroll please......

Molly from "A Bit o' Shine"
To collect your prize, email your name and address to:


Happy 81st Birthday Papa!

I'm in the string of summer where I have three grandparents birthdays within a month. Today is my paternal grandfather's birthday. Papa had so many granddaughters that when we were little he joked that he would have to buy a tuxedo someday because there would be so many weddings. He has always called all of us granddaughters his "sweet-patooties", and he has called me his "mouthpiece" ever since I graduated from law school. Happy Birthday Papa, we love you!


Lola is still sleeping with me because she is still wearing her pink lampshade collar. The licking is somewhat better and she was able to not wear it for a couple of hours yesterday, but then it starts back. Aaaaggghhhhrrrr! Anyway, she woke up before 7 yesterday morning. I was going to stumble to the backyard to let her out. Luckily, divine intervention made me grab my robe instead of stumbling into my privacy-fenced back yard in a t-shirt and underwear, because this is what was hovering just above my yard.

It was even closer than this (since this is the photo after I darted back inside to locate the camera). Just for the record, Lola is very confused by these balloons. She is quite a watch-dog, but she just doesn't know about these things. We've had a few come over that looked like they were going to sit down in the yard. Lo thinks they are some sort of alien invasion from the sky or something. Once they turned their burners on to get some height, she made a B-line for the house.

That's the thing about this town where I live...they have hot air balloons around all the time. In the morning and the night, you can see them dotting the sky.
I have a long awaited activity tonight, so be sure to check back in tomorrow for the wrap-up!


courtney said…
i REALLY miss the balloons in mckinney. my girls used to love to go out early on saturday and sunday mornings to see what balloons were in the sky. we used to have a really big vacant lot area next to our house where they would often land, and many of the balloon owners were gracious enough to let my (then) 5-year-old help fold them up. miss that!!
Traci said…
I miss the hot air balloons too! I didn't know it until your post but now I do. I love the Plano hot air balloon festival. It is so cool seeing them close up!

I had a great time yesterday! I went back and looked at your blog again and you had SO many posts that had to do with Christmas. LOVED them!

I had a Barbie house like that, too!
Mele Kalikimaka! Maligayang Pasko!
(still getting around to visit the Christmas parties…since this was our daughter's (LittleMiss) last weekend home before flying back to college today after her flights were cancelled yesterday cuz of the major storms!)

I'm a wee bit late! and I see that you have lots of Christmas Cheer to share!, I'm working my way back through!

Blessings & Aloha!
Hope you have a bit of time to come to my family’s Christmas memory party :o) We're still partying!

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