Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nothing Overly Exciting

I've got nothing exciting to report, but feel like I should blog, so here are the things that come to mind in list form:

(1) I've been having my annual Fall allergy attack. It started with my throat feeling like it was on fire for two days. Then last night I took some of my miracle drug "Mucinex D" which at some point really dried up all the drainage that was causing my throat to hurt, but left me waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I had just trekked across the Sahara Desert. Anyway, my throat feels better, but I'm more hoarse than previous days and I'm a snot factory (TMI I'm sure).

(2) I am in LOVE with Amazon pre-order. I'm sure everyone knows about this. I'm not a huge online shopper, so I'm probably getting on board late here, but if you don't know about it, here is the scoop. If you place a pre-order (for books that haven't released yet), it locks it in at the price you "purchase" at, but if at any point it gets cheaper between when you "purchase" and it actually is released and mailed to you, they give you the cheaper price. I did this with Pioneer Woman's cookbook and ended up getting it for $13 plus change. Then I purchased a kiddie book that released this week and it was reduced also. I'm hopeful that my "Andre Agassi Open" gets cheaper before it is mailed out to me next week. But I am loving this price protection guarantee.

(3) I hit up Gap Outlet today and got 7 items for $72. Now I got a couple of pieces for $2.50 each, but it helped average out some of my more expensive pieces. I've been wanting something with ruffles and something in gray (since gray is the new black for the season... BTW, I still like the old black), so I've killed two birds with one stone in this little ensemble:

(4) I moved my new dresser and tv stand into my bedroom now. I'm liking my paint choice with the dark furniture up against the wall. I still need to hang my new curtain rod and curtains, but I'm kind of tired, so that is a task for tomorrow. There is more painting to do this weekend, so I'm hopeful that goes smoothly. That project is a real crap-shoot, so I have my fingers crossed.

(5) Target put their Halloween stuff on 75% off yesterday. I was in there at 8:00 when they opened for my curtains, but saw people in a 75% off frenzy, so I joined in too. I got Lola's Halloween costume for next year for $2.50. I also got some napkins and books & play-do for the kiddos that get special treats from me.

(6) I purchased tickets today for me and my friend Suzanna to go see Bon Jovi in April! I'm so super excited! I have always loved Bon Jovi. I had always dreamed of going to see them live...since like 3rd grade. Finally, back in probably 2003 (I'm guessing here), I got to go see Bon Jovi. It was one of the most fun times I have ever had in my life. I screamed so much that I totally lost my voice. I remember having troubles as we were all getting back into the car because we were half deaf from the noise and none of us could yell because we were hoarse. It was awesome though. Then a few years later, I went to see them again. Their last go around, I was unable to get tickets, but not today. I got us pretty good tickets and I cannot wait!

(7) Today, with an internet purchase from Rue La La, I think I reached the 75% mark of having my Christmas shopping done. Another thing I want to mention is that I'm sick and tired of stores who have Christmas stuff for sale commenting when you buy it. "You're already buying Christmas!" they like to say. Don't put it out if you don't want people to be buying it yet! Yes, I'm an early bird. So what!?!

(8) After taking your suggestions on the stool for my bathroom, I decided to paint it white for now and then try and figure out how to make it look similar to the one from Ballard. I agree with the suggestions of painting it a color, but the fabric I've found that I like is light in background and I was afraid that a color might show through. So for now it is white, which is a whole heck of a lot better than the army gold/green. Have a look:

As I said, none of this is overly exciting, but it seems I had lots of mundane things to report today.



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