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Favorite Gifts

I love giving gifts. Really, truly, I love buying things for people and I love giving gifts. Let me be a little more specific... I like to buy things when I see things that I think people I know and love would like. I do NOT like having to go out and get a gift. You can hardly ever find the perfect gift when you go looking for it. This is why I start my Holiday shopping so early in the year. I like to grab things when I see them, put them in my little gift cabinet and have them when that special birthday or next Christmas rolls around.

All that being said, I do love getting presents too. You probably aren't really suppose to admit that, but what the heck! I realized that I haven't blogged about my favorite gifts. I was very lucky and got many gifts that I love this year...some that people bought me, some that I bought myself (hey why not!).

I've already blogged about some great gifts that I received from my friends and my chair that Mom and Dad got recovered for me, and of course one of my favorite gifts that I bought myself, my new SUV, and I also have another purchase on the way, which of course I will most definitely blog about when it comes in too.

Here is a sampling of some (not all) of my other favorites...

One set of my grandparents got me this Panini press
(it was exactly what I wanted, but then I got the money from my grandmother, went to Williams Sonoma, purchased it, and returned it to my grandmother for wrapping :)

My other grandparents gave me this watercolor painting from Puerto Vallarta
My grandmother bought it several years back in PV from an artist there
and I always admired it when I was at her house since I love PV so much
and so she gave it to me!

Can anyone guess what this thingy is?

You crack an egg in here, break the yolk, stick in in the microwave for 1 minute and you have an egg perfect for a homemade egg mcmuffin! So nifty!

More kitchen stuff...
Aren't these kitchen towels with mittens just the cutest?

I'm loving these Ugg house shoes.

They aren't as cute as the slip on ones, but some little creature that I live with has an entitlement issue when it comes to slip on house shoes...she believes she is entitled to pull them off your feet and play with them!

I'm living in these things for the next few months!

I got some money for Christmas and decided that I Really needed a 4th pair of Ugg Boots (6th pair of Uggs overall, but who's counting right!).

In my defense, the first two pairs of boots I purchased were size 10, which is what I wear, but the sales persons neglected to warn me that they S-T-R-E-T-C-H like nobody's business and you really need to buy a size smaller than what you really wear (this only applies to the classic boots as far as I can tell). Anyway, my Sand and Pink ones are just too darn big now! Plus, I was tired of my feet being cold when I needed to wear black shoes, so problem solved. Only problem now is that the black fur inside turns your feet black!

I also used Christmas cash for this mercury glass vase thing.
I had seen it and loved it, but it was $50. Then on NYE, I happened into Pottery Barn and someone had just returned it (they had been sold out since well before Christmas) and it was marked down to $24!

I haven't fully decided what to do with it yet.

My Mom & Dad got me this book...

Love Bon Jovi! It is a great coffee table book celebrating 25 yrs of the group.
Makes me even more anxious for the April concert!

Another gift that I got a few of, that I just love are gift cards. I hate giving gift cards, but freaking LOVE to get them! I got Sephora, Hobby Lobby and one of my personal favorites... Half Price Books! HPB is a favorite, because not only do I like to read, but you buy books, read them, sell them back to HPB, get cash, and then buy more and the process just goes on and on!

As for my furry friend, well she got spoiled just as much as I did this Christmas.
These seem to be her favorites (right now at least)

A cute mouse in overalls and a pink dragon, we're calling Puff. (We have to name them because she knows the names and goes and gets them on command...most of the time)

Finally, one of my other favorite "gifts" is that I've had several new people comment on the blog recently! I love comments and I love followers, so if you are a lurker out there in the blue yonder, let me know you are there! There is nothing better than knowing that people read the ramblings that I come up with almost every day and it is so interesting finding new blogs to read and finding out more about you too!

Sooooo, I'm on pins and needles here...Do tell! What are your favorite gifts?


Scrappy Girl said…
I loved all the Longaberger items I Betsey Johnson bracelet...and the white bookshelves for my scrap room in our one room schoolhouse!

HPB sounds like heaven!
Holli said…
I have to know where the egg mcmuffin maker came from! I need one of those. Love the PB vase. Beautiful.

I rec'd a print from Pier One that I've been dying to have for awhile now.... that was the best gift. And wooden rainbow scoops from Sur La Table.
mariebeth said…
You can never have too many UGG boots, I'm on my 2nd pair - I'll have to catch up to you! I also love the Bon Jovi coffee book - it looks brilliant!

My favourite gift I think was a Nora Roberts book that my boyfriend got me, I'd been waiting for the book to come out for a few months as it's the 2nd in a series. Now I have to wait all over again for the 3rd :)
Anonymous said…
My hubby has been obsessed for YEARS with egg mcmuffins. He has been trying to find the perfect at home gadget to make the perfect egg mcmuffin at home. I just bought him the little thing you got. It works perfect. We have not tried it unscrambled though.

Ann said…
I bought myself a pair of Uggs just like the pair you pictured. I'm loving them since it has been so cold.

All of your gifts look really cool. I love that vase!
Linda K said…
My favorite gift was from my parents. They got us a GPS. Don always said he would not use one but we have used it several times already and love it.

I thought it was humorous when Ms. Garmin got upset with Don for taking a wrong turn and she had to keep recalculating. She never said she was upset but you could tell in her tone. LOL
The Ffrench's said…
You and SG now have the same pair of Mom bought her a black pair just like that in Park City and she loves them !!!

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