Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Tuesday Full

Today has been quite a Tuesday. First and foremost, it is Fat Tuesday, so Happy Mardi Gras to you!!! Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!! I actually made a dozen fleur de lis cookies the other day when I made all the V-day cookies. I froze them and intended to thaw them out and decorate them for today. I forgot until about an hour ago. Oh well!

Another big thing going on today here in Texas is that early voting began for the March primaries, although the actual voting day is March 2nd. Normally this isn't very exciting, but in Collin County, we have tons of local races that are highly contested. Most of the races have both very good people running, but also some that aren't so qualified or well suited to the job, so it is really important. This is one reason that I've been going to parties and working for candidates that I believe in.

Because so many people are running, every intersection and vacant lot is literally littered with campaign signs...

Sadly, this isn't a vacant lot, but it is my yard! (and this isn't even a sign for EVERYONE I'm supporting!)

If you live in Collin County or know someone who does, it is very important for EVERYONE to vote this year in the primaries. I would be happy to give you a list of people I think are worthy of your/their vote and the reason why I believe this. Just shoot me an e-mail and I will send you the info (e-mail is over to the right under the "About Me" section). I voted today!

Finally, today I had to do a bit more shopping. I know, I know, didn't I do enough yesterday. Today it wasn't about me, but was about buying some gifts for someone really special who is having a birthday tomorrow....



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