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happy memorial day

i've kept it pretty low key this weekend.  no big plans.  for some odd reason, i've had a fair amount of pain in my hand this weekend.

on sunday, i met my friend abby, her two kids, and her sister emily, at northpark.  i was suppose to be meeting emily there next weekend, but abby decided to come to town for the holiday and we moved up our shopping trip.  the purpose of our trip was make-up.  neither abby or emily are big make-up people.  abby is coming along a bit, but emily wears NOTHING!  EVER!  can you imagine?  lord knows i can't.  i love my make-up!

anyway, emily is getting married in the dominican republic in less than a month, so we needed to get her a make-over with some pretty, but simple, make-up that she would wear and could easily apply.  with some help from the laura mercier counter, i think we totally hit the mark!

with abby, we were just freshening up the look at trish mcevoy that we started last summer.  both gals looked so pretty!  i wish i'd had my …

a new day, a new attitude

so i woke up today and decided that i was going to have a better attitude (despite my continual cannot get comfortable and sleep, hand hurts, therapy sucks, etc. problems)

i came into the kitchen for the "turn off the alarm, let lola out, pour my orange juice and check the e-mails on my iphone" normal morning routine and got my first pleasant surprise of the day... i had an e-mail saying that cory booker was following me on twitter.

what! no. way! i have no idea why someone famous who i admire so much (and crush on a lot little) is following ME, but i did a little happy dance in the kitchen while lola looked on like i had lost my marbles!

then i had to get ready because lisa was coming over for our big day... SATC 2 movie premier day! another bit of good news came when i discovered that yes, i could in fact button my pants now that i have both a pointer finger and thumb free!

we went to the mall, had a quick breakfast at chick-fil-a, and then hit up the 10 a.m. showing. afte…

They never cease to amaze me...

i can be a worst case scenario person. i come by it honest. every time we made a 30 minute trip to walmart growing up, my great-grandmother would have us all dead and buried before we made it home. all that being said, these hand doctor people are good...i mean they out worse case scenario me every single visit! they really never cease to amaze me.

let's recap:

{visit one}- i thought: they would say, all's okay. maybe wear a splint for a few weeks. actual result: need surgery to fix nerves

{visit 2- surgery}- i thought: repair nerves. actual: repair nerves, repair 20% cut tendon, repair 100% severed tendon

{visit 3- today}- i thought: remove cast, start therapy, get most of my hand back for usage.

actual: the nerves will take a year to heal-6 months before i notice any difference. as to how well they will heal, he says if you are over 40, then all you can expect is to get sensation back (hot, cold, etc.). if you're under 20, then it gets close to normal. in between, well it'…

Catching up

first of all let me say that I'm not even going to try and capitalize things...hitting shift and typing is just too darn difficult one handed.  i could use all caps, but then i'd feel like i was yelling at you the whole time. 

i'm not sure if my photos of my newest cast were clear, but i only have a thumb sticking out of the cast on my left hand.  i'm not going to sugar coat sucks, big time.  now i know people have it way worse for way longer, but i've still been kind of bummed out all week and totally frustrated every time i try to do anything that should be simple like pulling my hair back in a ponytail holder.  ever tried doing that one handed?

since i've been on a quasi-blogging break, here is a random mish-mash of stuff...

{1} i feel like a total slacker not going to my second job at night!  i have no idea what to do!  i can't believe that "i'm off" until july 12th.  which leads me to point number 2...

{2} i have no idea what'…

SATC Saturday...The wait is almost over!

This week is finally premier week for SATC 2! Lisa and I already have our two movie times selected. I think we are going to do the 10:00 a.m. at the mall. Then we'll eat lunch, window shop, etc. and then head back closer to home and Lisa's son's school for the 3:30 showing. I can't wait until Thursday!

Texas is crazy and other matters

I've been fuming about this for months, but today the idiots on our State Education Board officially decided to re-write history. Not only does it make the whole country look at us like we are a bunch of uneducated, racist, haters, but we are going to erroneously educate our children for years to come.

Rand Paul? Seriously, people. You can not like taxes. Not like what your tax dollars are spent on. But take a step back before electing these wing-nuts!

Why in the holy heck are we still allowing BP to try and fix this oil spill situation? They've had a month! They don't know what they are doing! Time for the government to step in, take over, and send BP a big fat bill! Too much damage has been done already. Save the Bayous!

Yesterday my cousins and their Mom came to visit me. We were talking and I discovered that the girls have blogs (well kind of... one has only blogged twice in a month and a half and the other one needs to make her's visible). Anyway, I was …

The life of Lola

Well, life is good... if you're Lola that is!

As you can see from this series of photos, her grandma has been here to love and kiss on her! Mom has gone home now, so poor Lola is just going to have to make do with my one-hand -petting now!

I'm doing okay. I'm still on pain killers. The best way to describe the pain is to say that it feels like my hand is burning. I don't know why. My Dad speculates that it's the nerves healing. Sounds logical to me, so I'm going to go with that one, though I will point out that neither of us have a clue. My two biggest complaints are (1) the antibiotics make me feel nauseous & (2) my throat hurts because I think they scratched it either inserting or removing the tube during surgery.

I'm just staying horizontal for now because that's the easiest way to keep it elevated. Thanks for all the get well wishes!


I'm posting from my phone because, well, it's easier to type since I'm officially down to one hand and a thumb.

Surgery went well. It Took longer than we initially thought because when I cut my hand, I really did it up good. In addition to cutting the nerves it seems that I got the tendons too. I guess there are two tendons... One was about 20% cut and the other was I believe 100% cut through.

So I will have to do therapy to get back the use of my finger and the doc warned my mom that it isn't going to be fun, so yea me!

I'm just hanging out here on the couch with Lola today watching some dvr'd shows.


Well the hand has been healing a week, so time to cut it open and start again!  Tomorrow is the new surgery day.  I have to be there at 7:45 for 8:45 surgery.  I really have no idea what the surgery plan is. I haven't really talked to my actual surgeon long enough to get the plan.  I'm not sure how long it will take.  I'm not sure what kind of get-up will be on my hand after surgery.  It is just really all a mystery.

I do know that the pre-op nurse today called to get some medical statistics on me.  She asked if I've ever had surgery.  After I gave her the run down of past procedures (leaving out all oral surgeries even though I was knocked-out for those and a couple of other surgical procedures that didn't require being completely knocked out) she gasp and said "oh my!".  I didn't know I was in the "oh my" category of the world, but apparently I am. 

She also asked some other stuff including "are you depressed".  I had to laugh a…

SATC Saturday... To Get You Through

T-minus 12 days until the premier of SATC The Movie 2, so if the wait is killing you and you just don't know if you can make it, I've got the perfect answer for you...

A book about the movie is coming out on Tuesday!  It is coming out in both hard cover and paper back.  Here is the description that Barnes and Noble give the book:

"Fast of the heels on the wildly popular companion to Sex and the City: The Movie comes this equally sexy and stylish companion to the sequel.
Sex and the City 2 picks up two years after the first movie left off, and finds our four favorite friends embarking on the trip of a lifetime to the exotic world of the Middle East. The book gives readers an all-access tour of the movie-making process, with juicy behind-the-scenes stories from writer and director Michael Patrick King and writer and star Sarah Jessica Parker, as well as Cynthia Nixon, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, and the movie’s other key cast members and special guest stars; a look at the c…


You guys know that I love to read. In fact, in preparation for my vacation (that is now cancelled), I had been building a pile of books for weeks. I kept adding books, taking books away. I had decided on 6 books to take and read next week.
Anyway, I saw that another blogger had done a post on favorite childhood books, so I thought I'd tell you about mine.
One of my first loves was this...

I also loved all of the "Ramona" series. Christmas of 2008, I got my cousins the entire series. They love them too. We have plans to go see the movie that comes out this summer.

Another book series I always loved was Amelia Bedelia. I also turned the cousins onto these.

Finally, in late Elementary school, I came to love the author Betty Ren Wright and her mysteries such as "Christina's Ghost" and "The Dollhouse Murders".

What were your favorites?

Goodbye Paradise

So my trip is off. I heard from the doctor's office today and it seems that even though I paid extra for insurance with a $2000 out-patient deductible, that doesn't apply to outpatient surgery. So my deductible is $4000 which means that is how much I will be out of pocket before the piece of crap insurance company pays a dime.

I had trip insurance and it was the type of insurance that will (eventually) refund your money. So, the refund is needed to help pay the $4000+ in cost.

I guess at this point, I'm going to see if I can move up my surgery to next week (if I can get someone from the doctor's office to call me back).

I just am so sad about everything right now, I don't even know what to do. I would cry, but I just think that would make my make-up run and I don't know how in the world that would make me feel any better.

Update: Tuesday, 5/18. That's when my surgery is scheduled.

Random Thoughts

Here is just a bunch of randomness that is running through my mind today:

(1) I'd like a congressional inquiry on why a tetanus shot hurts so much worse than severing a finger that caused the need for a shot in the first place. Seriously! I couldn't even lift my arm yesterday. I was very happy that after a brief discussion at the ER, Jennifer, Lisa and I decided that it would be best to go ahead and get it in the hurt arm so that I would just still have one bum arm if it hurt afterward.

(2) Someone else has married Mike Tyson. Maybe not recently, but I was just glancing at an article and it mentioned he was photographed with his 3rd wife. Why the face? Who marries that guy?

(3) I had to complete sexual harassment training and discrimination training today. Luckily online. The stupid college told me I had until July, but just sent me an e-mail today saying that it had to be completed by the 28th of this month. Perfect! I did it, but sent them a get your crap together hat…

Doctor's report

So I went to the Hand specialist today.  Of course, based on the report at the a ER, I expected him to say that I needed to wear a splint for a while and check back later.

The report didn't go that well.  It seems that I managed to sever the nerves (which explains why I feel like my finger is asleep).  I need surgery to attach the nerves back and there is a small 2 week window to do that.  Which is smack dab in the middle of my vacation.  We got out a calendar and he thinks that it is okay to wait until I get back, so I'm scheduled for May 25th.  Once he gets inside, he will check out the tendon damage and decide whether the tendons need repair too.

Here is a PSA:  Do NOT ever, ever, ever use a knife to get the pit out of an avacado!!!!!

I did manage to get the horrible brace off.  It had my hand cocked all odd and was extremely uncomfortable.  So bad that I only slept 3 hours on Sunday night and had to ambien myself to sleep last night.

Here's my new wrap:

What do you thin…

Hand Drama

So I said earlier that this weekend had been uneventful.  Then the drama came in spades!  I was MAKING TACOS AND TRYING TO TAKE OUT AN AVACADO CORE with a knife (sorry for all caps but its too much trouble to correct it right now).  I remember thinking "this is kind of dangerous" when BAM  i cut off most of my left pinkie finger.

I mean I knew it was BAD.  There was no contemplation of to ER or not to ER.  I was braless and did attempt to put one on but blood started to gush blood and decided to jut throw on a sweatshirt and drive myself to the ER before I passed out.  I called Lisa and she was on her way from Dallas.  Short time later Jennifer headed out to meet me too.

Long story short, I didn't quite slice all the way around my finger, but did manage to slice some tendons.  Only about 10% though, so even though I have to see a hand surgeon this week, it will likely heal without surgery.  It is in a hard splint holding my finger in a particular spot, thus my typing tro…

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

I'm going to tell you the truth, I haven't been very productive this weekend.  I had a super busy week last week and I know this coming week is going to be super busy, so I've been a lazy butt this weekend.

I kept this little toot for my parents on Friday night...
I finally got some good pics of little Milly.  I got copies made of about 35 pics for my Mom for part of her Mother's Day.

I also cut some roses from my garden.  All of my Earthkind varieties of roses are going nutso!

My "Climbing Pinkie"...


This photo is actually a little old and now the bush is completely covered in pink roses!  I cut a ton off of this bush last night and made a very pretty arrangement for my coffee table.
Since my rose bushes have gone so nuts, I need to move two of my other shrubs that I had planed in that bed.  The bed is just horribly overgrown and those shrubs don't stand a chance.  I think they would be perfect over on the side o…

Another Saturday, Another SATC Cover

Photoshop done right...

Yep, another cover. This one hits the newsstands on May 11th. This week it is Marie Claire. You can click HERE to read the article. 

Here are some pics from MC...

I finished reading "The Carrie Diaries" this week.  Turns out, I think it is actually geared at teens.  I guess they are trying to win over a whole new era of fans, though considering it's slutty Miley's favorite show, they may have already done so.  I thought it was fairly good.  Kind of interesting to "see into Carrie's teen years".

and so one thing lead to another...

I was in Sam's Club on Monday. My favorite thing to buy at Sam's Club? Well behind gasoline, it is strawberries and blackberries.

The strawberries were huge. Seriously. They were like the size of a small apple. The blackberries were okay, not the best, but good enough. So on Monday night, when I got home from class, I had a bowl of berries. While I was eating these berries, I thought to myself, I sure wish I had some pound cake to go with these berries.

So, one thing leads to another and voila...

On Tuesday afternoon, I made Saint Paula's (Paula Deen that is...and I'm not sure on the Vatican's stance, but I've decided to give her Sainthood) Sour Cream Pound Cake. I found the recipe and really she has 4 different recipes for Pound Cake in my cookbook: Cream Cheese, Chocolate Cream Cheese, Sour Cream and Chocolate Sour Cream. I wanted to make just a good old Southern sour cream pound cake, I couldn't believe that I had all the ingredients...What luck!…

Now THAT'S a Haircut!

"A bad hair cut is two people's shame”~ A Danish Proverb Yep, two people's shame...mine and Lola's.
In all seriousness, I got a call from the groomer today.  She said that she had Lola on the table and had been working on one leg for 20 minutes.  The tangles were just horrible.  I said, Justshave her.  I would rather her look silly than be in pain. 
And boy, does she ever look silly!
Apparently a two hour trip to the groomer is very taxing on a pup...


So remember back when I posted about my replanting project in my front yard. If not, you can click HERE and read all about it. You will recall that I had planted a couple of hydrangeas because they were one of my top two favorite kind of flowers. Problem is, that I bought them on a whim while at Lowe's. I hadn't done my research. Turns out that I had purchased a "floral grade" of a hydrangea, not a plant in your yard and it does well type of hydrangea. Whoops!
Today, after doing some research, I dug up those two (dead) hydrangeas, returned them to Lowe's and went to a "real nursery" and bought two new hydrangeas. I think these are going to winners! They are part of the Endless Summer collection (meaning they will bloom all summer). There are three varieties in the Endless Summer collection:

The Original which looks like this
Twist and Shout that looks like this

Blushing Bride that looks like this

After much hemming and hawing, I decided to buy two of the O…

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend, I've been doing pretty dull stuff. After being gone last weekend, I had a mountain of laundry to dig out from under this weekend. Now, I know that you guys with a family will probably scoff at my laundry pile, but it was kind of scary!

Towels... Clothes
I'm happy to say that all laundry is done and put away!
I also managed to do a little cleaning. I'm not sure what beyond filthy is, but that is what my house was. Now it is better at least.
I cleaned out the cabinets above my washer and dryer too. I threw a ton of stuff away or put it in a goodwill pile. I mean seriously, why in the heck do I need THREE irons when I use one so rarely that Lola barks at the ironing board when I take it out because it's such an oddity! Cleaning out those cabinets made room for me to move lots of junk from my hall linen closet to the utility. Now my hall linen closet is truly a linen closet (with the exception of gallon after gallon of paint on the bottom shelf).
I also wat…