Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here is just a bunch of randomness that is running through my mind today:

(1) I'd like a congressional inquiry on why a tetanus shot hurts so much worse than severing a finger that caused the need for a shot in the first place. Seriously! I couldn't even lift my arm yesterday. I was very happy that after a brief discussion at the ER, Jennifer, Lisa and I decided that it would be best to go ahead and get it in the hurt arm so that I would just still have one bum arm if it hurt afterward.

(2) Someone else has married Mike Tyson. Maybe not recently, but I was just glancing at an article and it mentioned he was photographed with his 3rd wife. Why the face? Who marries that guy?

(3) I had to complete sexual harassment training and discrimination training today. Luckily online. The stupid college told me I had until July, but just sent me an e-mail today saying that it had to be completed by the 28th of this month. Perfect! I did it, but sent them a get your crap together hate e-mail in response.

(4) Did anyone see Laura Bush on Larry King last night? She came out and said she was pro-choice and for gay marriage. Shock waves are probably crashing through the Republican party today. Love her!

(5) I'm certain that this only applies to me and about 0.000178% of the population, but I've been riveted by the political wranglings in the United Kingdom and 10 Downing Street. Such drama!

(6) I'm beginning to miss having feeling in my pinkie.

(7) I give my second final tonight and my last one tomorrow. Yea!


Abby said...

Emery says that she has sprinkles when she has a body party that "falls asleep". I think it sounds better. So I hope the sprinkles in your pinkie aren't bothering you. I want you to have feeling soon as well.

Glad school is almost over for a week or two!!

The Cooper Family said...

Matt had to get a tetanus shot the same day Kate was born because he punctured his arm on a rusty nail in the attic the night before. He tried to complain about the shot to me, but I wouldn't hear it. Now that I hear your tale, maybe I should have been a bit more sympathetic.

Linda K said...

I know those shots hurt but better safe than sorry.

We have to do the sexual harrassment training as well at MSU. When you first start at the university, you have to sit and watch the 1960's video but after that the updates are online. Thank goodness.


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