Wednesday, August 4, 2010

3 months later...

About 3 months ago, I almost amputated my pinkie finger.  I did a real bang up job of it and manage to severe the tendons and nerves.  If you weren't privy to all that gory mess, you can go back and review the photos HERE.   I have been told by some friends that I have totally given them a complex when it comes to chopping things up in the kitchen.  Yeah, I totally get it.

Of course I have since purchased this little gadget to remove avocado pits and slice them and I highly recommend it...

I purchased mine at Williams-Sonoma and you can also get it on Amazon.  It's made by Amco.  It's far safer than using a knife (no matter how safe you think your method is and believe me everyone thinks I'm the big dummy, but their way, all be it the same method I was using, is way safer!)  It's also far cheaper in the long run.

But back to my hand....  I went to the Physical Therapist and Doctor on Monday and I got released!  No more doctor or PT unless I have problems.  This of course doesn't mean that my hand is well.  On the strength test this week, my left had has 56% of the strength that my right one has.  Also there is the little problem with getting my finger straight.  According to the Doc, all of this is normal and that there is still several more months of healing that needs to occur, but I guess I can just do PT myself and can now stop going for the time consuming and expensive appointments.

Here's a look at my hand... I think it is rather miraculous when you compare it to the old pics.

I guess lucky me that I did such a "good job" cutting my finger right where it bends and attaches to my hand.
Unless you look closely, the scar just blends right in.

The other cut into the palm of my hand just looks like the normal lines of my hand
I can get it pretty straight... well most of the time, but I'm still working on it.
Here are some of my tricks...
As you can see below, I have gotten back lots of motion when it comes to bending it.


The Ffrench's said...

Glad your hand is getting there !!

Emilymud said...

Wow it really does look better. I am very impressed by all your moves. You have healed very nicely.


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