Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Final Part...

It's finally here....the final part of my video Holiday Home Tour!  I'm sure you are glad it's over!

Here is how my bedroom is decorated for Christmas...

Oh, and a cute white dog has a few cameos in this video!

Thanks for viewing my Holiday Tour.  I'm sure I'll follow up with some picture posts for those of you who didn't want to watch all of the video tours.

If you missed the prior posts, here are the other parts

Outdoors & Entry- Video 1
Kitchen & Dining- Video 2
Extra Rooms- Video 3
Living Room- Video 4


Ann said...

That is such a beautiful tree. After Christmas, I'm going to buy a tree for my bedroom too. I may copy your decorations!! I will need a clicker too. That is so cool!


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