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Checking off the list..

This weekend I worked on my lists... my "to do" list and my Oscar films list. 

I cleaned out the entry closet and did a couple of other projects around the house.  I did a little decorating.  I put out Valentine's decorations (I'll show those in a few days), and I moved some glass containers from my bathroom to my kitchen.  These have been on the ledge by my bathtub for a few years filled with soap and bath salts, but I decided to move them to the kitchen.  Here they are behind my sink (not sure about whether these apples and pears will remain as their fillers)...
{sorry, iphone photo}
I watched an Oscar nominated film on Saturday night, so I can check off another one off the list.  I watched "Winter's Bone".  It won best picture at Sundance, but let me say that while I often like noir films, this one was just plain depressing.

Today I watched "Secretariat" on my Apple TV.  I wanted to try out renting a movie on my new love, my Apple TV, and I…

This post is dedicated to...

This post is dedicated to Excedrin Back and Body.  How do I love thee, let me count the ways.  Today I love thee because I have moved three pieces of furniture, some pretty heavy,and a really heavy tv all over my house.  And I believe that because of you Excedrin, I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow.  You haven't let me down in the past, and I hope you don't this time.

I went to Dillards and picked up my new tv console this afternoon.  Talk about a fiasco.  Let's just say that if I would have been able to locate one person who spoke English, it would have gone so much smoother (or as always, if I spoke Spanish). 

Jennifer and Kyle (and little Joshua) came over after dinner to help me move everything around and hook everything up.  Kyle and I lifted until I'm sure we will both be sore tomorrow.  Jennifer didn't help us lift a darn thing...something about being pregnant, blah, blah, blah!  :)  We finally got everything situated.  We moved out a bookcase/storag…

Bargain Thursday

Shopping is a fickle sport.  Some days, usually when you are looking for something specific, you aren't able to find a darn thing, even if you are willing to buy that specific item whatever the cost.  But some days, boy oh boy, do you hit a gold mine!  And today folks, well today was was even better than that.  I'll say that today I hit a diamond mine!

I'll walk you through my finds chronologically (and sorry, all iphone photos today, I'm in a HURRY because tonight is my class after class night)...

I spoke to my Mom on the way to court this morning.  She mentioned seeing in the paper that Dillards had all their sale stuff an additional 30% off today.  I had been hitting up the Dillards close to my house pretty regularly this week because I had been doing some personal shopping for my Meme.  I had heard from my Meme last night and knew that she loved a little flowy sweater that I had gotten her that they had in additional colors, and I had spied a jacket earlier in the …

I'd blissfully forgotten...

I'd blissfully forgotten that the Academy Awards had upped the number of nominated films from 5 to 10.  While I was laying in bed two nights ago I was thinking about the Academy Award nominations (because really, who isn't thinking about that as they drift off to sleep, right?), when I remembered that they had increased it.  I hate it.  I could always strive to see 5 films, but 10, forget it. 

Let's look at this year's list and my progress:

The King's Speech ~ seen it.  love it.  am obsessed with it.  think it will take the award.
The Social Network ~ seen it.  liked it.  shouldn't have won best pic at globes.
The Kids Are Alright ~ seen it.  thought it was, well, alright.
Toy Story 3 ~ haven't seen 1 or 2, so likely won't see 3 before awards
True Grit ~ haven't seen it.  probably won't until Netflix delivers it to my door.
Inception ~ high up on my Netflix queue, but I honestly have no desire to see it
Winter's Bone ~ know nothing about it…

Legal Funny

It's been a while since I've blogged a Legal Funny.  Not because I go a day without something cracking me up, but sometimes I forget.  This one comes by way of one of my partner's cases.  It's a Child Protective Services case in which she is representing the child.  She was reviewing paperwork today for a hearing that is scheduled tomorrow.  In reading the mother's psych eval, she ran across this line...

"She identified fatigue as her primary obstacle to employment in the past"
Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't know that could be an obstacle to employment, or I'd have totally used it!  Do bill collectors accept that as an excuse for not paying your bills?

Lola's Hissy Fit

I left my house for 1 hour this afternoon and Lola threw a hissy fit.  I had some mail on the coffee table that needed to be mailed out.  Included in that mail was a DVD that I watched yesterday and was sending back to Netflix.  When I got home, I found that one of the letters I had in the pile had been shredded as well as this....

Y'all!  My dog at my Netflix!


What are y'all doing on this lovely Saturday?

I tried some new eye cream last night, so my eyes are swelled up like elephant man this morning. I should know better!

I'm not leaving the house until I look normal again, so why not do laundry & clean out the DVR between loads. Just watching some tv between schnauzer ears...

Friday Afternoon Movie Time

I went to see a movie this afternoon. While I still desperately want to see "The Fighter", I decided that I really needed to see some lighter fare, so I saw "No Strings Attached".  I have no doubt I would have thought "The Fighter" to be a better movie, but in my odd-ball life that I lead, some weeks I've just had enough of the drugs & crime in real life to go see a movie about it too.  Usually I compartmentalize really well, but at this week's end, I just wanted to laugh.

While it's not going at the top of my favorite Rom-Com movie list, I thought it was cute enough.
Happy Weekend!


Dang y'all!  It's cold outside!  When I went to court this morning it was 34 degrees.  When I left it was 30 degrees.  Now it is in the 20's and the wind is howling out of the north so the wind chill is brutal!  Not, we live in Minnesota brutal, but since this is Texas after all, it's darn cold!

Poor Lola went to the Paw Spa yesterday and got all her fuzzy warm hair sheared right off, so I busted out the new sweater that she got for Christmas.
Too bad my classes tonight are on opposite ends of the campus.  I had decided that I would just park by the building where my latest class meets, so that I wouldn't have to walk across campus late at night.  It's going to be a chilly walk tonight!

I'm ready for the weekend already.  I know, it's only Thursday, but if I can make it through tonight, I will feel like I'm almost there. 

Here's some more cute pics of little bit in her sweater (sweater from Dillards if anyone cares)...

Getting over Lazy

I think I've been bitten by the lazy bug.  Or we have the sleeping disease here at our house.  Or I just need a swift kick in the pants!  Any way you put it, I need to get it in gear.  I was too lazy this weekend and just watched movies and snuggled with Lola.  That's great, but it doesn't organize the pile of crap from your childhood that your mom sent to your house.  It doesn't get the laundry done.  It doesn't run your errands.  So as I said, I need a good swift kick in the pants and need to get into action.

Last night was the first night back at school this semester.  I'm sad it started because I loved my free nights.  I'm glad it started back because, well let's face it, I don't get paid if I'm not teaching!  I already am beyond annoyed at a student.  Can you believe it?  In one night?  Well, it all started out when he sent me an e-mail a while back telling me that he had taken the liberty of re-formatting my syllabus so that it made more s…

Nothing but TV & Globes

I've gotten nothing done this weekend.  I did blow my nose approximately 537 times.  I gave Lola's muddy legs about 39 baths.  But other than that, I accomplished nothing other than lots of television time.  Here's how our weekend looked...
I watched all the Week 2 episodes of "In Treatment" (love that Gabriel Byrne, but then I've probably said that a time or ten around here).  I watched "Letters to Juliet", which was cuter than I expected.  I watched "Time Traveler's Wife", which was weirder than I expected it to be.  And I watched  the pièce de résistance, The Golden Globes last night and live tweeted them too.

I was so happy that Colin Firth (love that Colin Firth...probably said that before too right?) won for "The King's Speech".  I loved that Aaron Sorkin won best screenplay for "The Social Network".  My only disappointment was that "The King's Speech" didn't win for Best Movie.  I more t…

The Weekend

Despite Monday basically being a snow day, this was the longest darn week!  I'm glad it's Saturday and I'm glad it is a long weekend.  Since Monday is MLK day, and the courthouse and school is closed, so is our law firm. 

I don't have any big plans for the weekend.  I'm pretty excited that The Golden Globes award show is  tomorrow night.  You know I'm a sucker for the award shows, but I particularly love the Globes for several reasons.  First, I love that it is awards both movies and television.  I also love that it is more of a relaxed/party atmosphere than some of the other shows like the Academy Awards.  So, I will be glued to the television for all the pre-show and actual awards show tomorrow night. 

I need to do some organization this weekend too.  I need to organize and put up the pile of stuff that my mom send home with me at Christmas.  Also, school starts back next week, so I will need to try and get myself organized for that too.  This semester I do…

Shutterfly Photo Book

Obsessed with my Nook

If you will recall, I had been straddling the fence about e-readers for a while.  Then I decided to take the plunge and request that my parents get me one for Christmas.  I settled on the Nook because, well I couldn't really discern any substantial differences between it and a Kindle other than the Nook had much cuter accessories, and you know that was all it took to push me over the edge.

If you will recall, I got this adorable Lilly Pulitzer cover for my Nook... and I got this bag which is just crying out "Take me to the beach!", but sadly, it's only been to Nocona...
and then I decided that I preferred reading it out of the carrying case more often than not, so I bought a pink back for my nook so that it is no longer grey and boring.... Then today, I discovered these adorable Vera Bradley e-reader cases (this is one of their new 4 spring 2011 patterns that were released today)

Isn't it so cute?  At first I thought, How adorable, too bad I already have a case...  The…

For Sale

White Dog for Sale....

This afternoon, I had a killer Sinus headache.  You know, the kind where it feels like an elephant is sitting on your face.  So I decided to try and take a nap. 

Normally, me wanting to take a nap is a great fit with Lola's schedule seeing as she naps about 19 hours of the day.  But when I really, really need to get a nap in, Lola conspires with the universe to thwart that activity. 

Today, she kept growling.  Then she kept jumping off the bed and was at the front door pitching an absolute fit about something.  What did I do?  I put in ear plugs and hoped that if someone was breaking in that they would do so quietly and leave my bed and warm down duvet even if they stole everything else that I owned.

Lola didn't stop there.  No she located a pony-tail holder (aka: her favorite toy on earth) and came back to my bed and played with it (which is akin to a child playing trampoline on the bed).  I took that away from her and told her to get lost.  Then a few …

Snow & Tweets

Today we took kind of a snow day.  The receptionists didn't come to the office until noon, so I just fielded some calls from home this afternoon.  It was nice.  Still lots of snow and ice around here, and I think it is adorable how Lola jumps through the snow like a bunny.  I caught a small bit of it on video today, so here it is (it's only like an 8 second video)...

In other news, I have watched The Bachelor the past two "seasons" for one reason only...Jennifer Weiner.  Who's she?  She is one of my favorite authors and she tweets her way through every single episode.  I love to follow her tweets of The Bachelor.  They are funny and snarky and make me laugh. 
Tonight I send JW a tweet and asked if she had noticed that one of the bacheloretts kept harping on the fact that she "quit my job for him" and that she said it like she was secretary of state, not a waitress like she really is.  She sent me a reply and said "@legallyblondekf I'm sure that …

Let it Snow!

It snowed!  Glorious snow!  But before I get to the snow, let me finally announce that all of my Christmas is down and put away. 

I started working on it Friday evening.  Friday I managed to get the Kitchen & Bedroom trees undecorated, the decorations put up and the trees thrown out into the garage.  On Saturday, I worked at trying  to organize my Holiday bins a little better and weeded through some stuff that I haven't used in years and made a Goodwill pile.  Then I went to work undecorating the living room tree and got everything put away.  After that, I cleaned house.

Today, I didn't have anything left on the have to do list (well other than laundry), and I was so excited that I could watch it snow all day! 

It started out raining.  Then it sleeted for a while.  And then the snow began!!!
Rain may slow Lola down, but not the snow... She was on patrol even during what my Weather Channel app called "Heavy Snow" Then she was ready to come inside...this is the &quo…