Saturday, September 10, 2011

Texas Tech Wreath (the finished product)

I've spent my spare time this week putting the finishing touches on my Tech wreath.  Hey, it's football season and time's a tickin'.  No time to waste!

Here's the finished product...

I sent a finsihed photo text to a couple of people and they said, "cute pennant, where did you find it". 
Answer:  I made it.  Here's how...
I bought all of the stuff that's on the pennant from Hobby Lobby.  If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen the tweet "Glitter or Sequins.  The ultimate crafting decision."  This is what that was referencing!

The pennant itself is was just that flimsy foam stuff that you see in kid's crafts where they glue stuff onto it.

I bought some foam board and cut it just a bit smaller than the foam pennant and then glued it to the back for support.  Then I glued silver sequins around the edge.  Later I decided to glue smaller red sequins to the inside of the silver ones.

The letters were just the plain unfinished wooden letters.  I painted them red, and then glued sequins to the letters.  I was going to glitter them, but then decided to do sequins.  I think that was a very good decision.  Then of course, I just glued the letters to the pennant.

On the back of the pennant (really on the foam board), I glued 2 tabs from coke cans, which I then connected floral wire to and then used that to attach it to the wreath.

Finally, I bought this glittery polka dot ribbon at Michaels that I used to put a bow on top.
That was it!  Easy-peasy!

And I learned that I like sequining.  I find it kind of relaxing.  So if you need anything sparkled, give me a holler!

Part one of making the wreath can be found Here (in case you missed it last week)


Traci said...

I LOVE IT, Kara!! Those pendants are all the rage this year. I may have to do that to add to my wreath. I paid an arm and a leg for it and it's not nearly as cute.

Abby said...

LOve it! I think the sequencing looks hard. Did it involve tweezerman? I think when I get home I will be at hobby lobby get ready for lots of calls!

courtney said...

Love it!! Looks boutique-made!!

Savanah said...

This is so cute!! I'm pinning it to Pinterest!!

Ann said...

I can't wait for you to finish my wreath too!! :)


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