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The Twitterverse

Let me shock some of you.  I've never been on facebook.  While I never say never, I'm betting there is a really good chance I won't ever be on facebook. 

I am on Twitter.  I love twitter.  There is no better way to stay informed on the worlds happenings, or celebrity gossip, or follow your favorite authors.  It's even fun to follow people who you "know" through blogging etc.  And then there are even the few people on twitter who you actually know in person (others of you may know lots of "real people" on twitter, but most my folks are on facebook, not twitter).

Anyway, twitter is a great outlet.  It's not like a blog, where you feel bad or neglectful if you haven't posted in awhile.  My tweeting seems to come in fits and starts.  Sometimes, I'll tweet a "celebrity".  Not in the, "Hey. Retweet me!" annoying kind of way that thousands of people do,  but if I generally have a response to one of their tweets.  Sometimes,…


All eyes are on London again.  Today is the start of the Olympics in my favorite city in the world.  Source: via Kara on Pinterest
I am excited to see all the London coverage over the next couple of weeks.  It's stupid, but I'll admit it...I'm nervous too.  The opening ceremonies are a big dang deal.  Now, everyone has China and their zillion drummers beating in unison, their dancing boxes, flying torch lighter, etc. on their mind.  That's a tall order to measure up to.  I hope my favorite city will measure up.  They already have one thing going in their favor...they've got David Beckham doing something top secret in the ceremony!

Source: Uploaded by user via Kara on Pinterest

Outlet Shopping.

I live very near an outlet mall, and it has many great stores.  I recognize that I am very spoiled to live so near great shopping.  All that being said, I really am jealous of people who live near the outlets in San Marcos, Texas.  They have several stores that I wish we had here... Williams Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Gucci, and Prada just to name a few. 

A week and a half ago, I stopped by San Marcos on my way to El Campo.  Luckily, I am a power shopper, so I could hit up the stores I wanted to, and only spend about 3 hours there.  In all seriousness here, when I pulled up, I was beyond excited. It is definitely one of my happy places. While shopping, I thought to myself, "Wow, I wonder if this is how happy some people are at Disney?!".

I did some Christmas/Birthday shopping, so I can't share those purchases, but here is what I bought that I can tell you about...

Pottery Barn
I got these towels for my guest bath. …

My Weekend in South Texas

I left out on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn and headed south.  Originally, I had booked a flight south, but that kind of turned into an all around fiasco, so I cancelled my flight and drove instead.  I made a quick stop at the Burberry outlet in Round Rock.  I didn't buy a thing, but never fear, I moved on to the San Marcos outlets for a speed round version of a shop-a-thon. 

I met my friend Robin there and we hit up Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Tory Burch, Prada, Gucci, Vera Bradley & Kate Spade (oh my!).  More on my purchase to come in another post.

After I was out of money tired, I headed to El Campo to see some of my favorite people.  I stayed with my friend Abby and her family until today.  We had a pretty relaxed weekend.  They did have the traveling Vietnam Wall in town, which we visited. 

Emery and the wall...

We had a big celebration for this guy...

Bailey turned 12 on Saturday.  I cannot believe he is 12.  I remember when we was a wee little pup!  We made…

Summer Shows

I hear people say that they don't like summer because there is nothing to watch on television.  Now maybe I'm easy to please, but I completely disagree!  I find plenty of shows to watch in the summer.  Sure they aren't on your standard network television, but if you tune into cable, you'll find something that is sure to please.  Here are some of my summer go-to shows by category:

Trashy Television

What's not to love.  We have three Housewives going on Bravo bringing us into the OC, NYC and New Jersey, the Kardashian Hollywood hijinks, and the Eastwood clan and their new show set in dreamy Carmel, California. 

Coming to an End

Several of my Summer favorites are wrapping up this year.  The Closer started airing its last 6 episodes this week.  I'm going to miss Chief Brenda Johnson, and I'm all sorts of torn up about the upcoming discovery of who is the mole in Brenda's Major Crimes Division!

Also, Weeds on Showtime has just started it's final season.  …

Beating the Heat Treat

This week has not been that bad, but last week was HOT!  I decided to make homemade ice cream in an effort to beat the heat. 

I have a cheapo ice cream freezer that I got on clearance at Target for like $15.  It's not the best, but seeing as I only make homemade ice cream once a year, I have hardly ever been able to justify the expensive wooden kind.  Even though this is a cheap, plastic kind, I still prefer it to those kind where you freeze the bowl and don't use ice/salt.

I don't know why I wrapped it in a towel.  I saw my great-grandmother do it.  My grandmother do it.  My Mom do it.  So by-golly I'm going to do it! I added some fresh peaches to mine

There are tons of great recipes out there for homemade ice cream or custards.  I went the easy route and used my Mom's recipe because it is tried and tested (and did I mention easy?). 

Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

6 eggs beaten
3 2/3 cups of sugar
3 teaspoons of vanilla
2 tall cans of Pet (evaporated) milk
1 small carton o…

Patriotic Pup

Happy Independence Day!
Lola went for a much needed grooming yesterday, and she came out with some patriotic flair!

I feel like I have really dropped the ball this year.  I haven't decorated for the holiday.  I mean AT ALL. It seems odd having a holiday fall right in the middle of the week. I had class last night until 8, and then I have court in the morning at 8:30.
So we are taking it easy.  I'm watching Wimbledon (20 years ago today, Andre Agassi won for the first time and as a result I had probably the happiest 4th of July ever!).  I'm reading some books.  I'm catching up on my DVR'd shows. 
Nothing very 4th of July-ish, but what do you expect for a Wednesday?

Lola & I hope you are having a happy and safe 4th!

Cucumber Salad

I have pinned a ton of recipes on pinterest, but I have tried next to none. The first one I actually tried was the poptails, and they turned out terrible! I decided to try out this pinterest recipe last week.
I have to say that as I was making it, I thought "That's it! I'm never making a pinterest recipe again!". It has a lot of sugar. I mean a lot of sugar. The liquid was very syrupy. I'm happy to report that after it sat in the refrigerator for several days, it got much better. I'm not still sure that you couldn't cut the sugar in half. I may have to try that at some point. Here's the recipe...

7 cups unpeeled pickling cucumbers sliced thin
1 cup sliced onion (I used vidalia)
1 cup sliced green pepper (obviously they used red peppers in photo above, which is prettier)
1 Tablespoon salt
1 cup white vinegar
2 cups sugar (I know!  2 cups?!)
1 teaspoon celery seed
1 teaspoon mustard seed

Put the vinegar, sugar, celery seed, & mustard s…