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Next European Adventure

I recently got a hankering to visit the Alsace region of France.  When I say this, more often than not, I get puzzled looks.  Here's a little map assistance...

This is the area of France, and really all of Europe, that is best described as "Fairytale Villages".  It has gone back and forth between France and Germany over the years, so it has influences from both countries.  It also includes Strasbourg which is a Christmas market legend, so why not do another Christmas Market tour?  
I will fly to Paris and spend a couple of days there.  I've been to Paris, but that was 22 years ago, so I want to do some things I missed the first go around, or things I want to see again.  The must see places on my list are Musee d'Orsay (my favorite museum, so it gets a re-visit for sure), Sainte-Chapell, Galeries Lafayette, and see the Champs-Elysees all decked out for Christmas.  I did not love Paris the first go around, but I have found a cute little boutique hotel that is in th…