Monday, December 7, 2009


Remember when I got these tables at Pier One for 90% off this summer? Instead of the $149 each, I paid $14.95 each for them. I had intended to use them as nightstands until I found the ones at Tuesday Morning that were such a pain to get.

Well, last weekend I listed this set of tables, along with the curtains that I used to have up in my room and the tv stand that I had been using on Craig's List.

Today, I sold the curtains and the mirrored tables (to two different people). I got $10 less for the curtains than what I was asking, but I wanted to get them gone (trying to keep white curtains stored and not dirty is a task!).

BUT, do you know what I sold the tables for? The tables that I had $30 invested in? $75!!!!!

I feel like such a Craig's List Tycoon!

On another note, one final down and two to go. I have to give one tonight and then the last one on Thursday night. Yea! I'm so ready for a break, and it is a long break too. I don't think we start back until January 19th!

Finally, the office tree is done and the tree in my bedroom is shaped and just waiting to be decorated. Slowly, but surely, I will get them all done and can then post photos. I have NEVER been so slow about getting decorations out. At this rate, I'm going to have to leave them out until Valentine's Day just to be "worth it"!


Spotted-Bird said...

You are so busy! Can you come over to my house and work on my to do list?


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