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{Confessions of a Product Junkie}....Curly Hair Products Update

Hello blog readers!  It's been a awhile!  I have just completed my 3rd week of a 5 week summer term where I am teaching 2 classes, which equates to being away from everything for approximately 20 hours a week between Monday-Thursday.  Couple that with my law practice, and well, that's where I've been for the last bit.  I think I have some exciting adventures to share this summer, so don't go anywhere!

Today, I'm giving up update on my hair.  Not that any of you care about MY hair, but if anyone has curly, wavy, or even knows someone with either of those types of hair, hopefully this post can help you too!

I wrote last summer about my own personal hair product apocalypse when most of my go-to products were discontinued and I was forced to find something that would work for my curly hair.  It's definitely been an example of where "one door closes, another door opens" or "all things happen for a reason" (or insert your preferred cliche here).  You may recall that I decided to go all in, and embrace the Deva Curl system.  I had never been a "system" girl, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Today I thought I would give you an update on my thoughts after approximately one year with Deva Curl...


Deva Curl Low-Poo
They also have a No-Poo, which I enjoy the smell of better than Low-Poo, but I like the small bit of lather that the Low-Poo gives you, which is missing from the No-Poo.

Deva Curl One Condition
Like most curly haired people, dry hair can be a problem for me.  My hair lady thinks my hair has been in its best condition ever since I started using Deva Curl.  I haven't purchased or used any of their more deep conditioning treatments, because it hasn't been necessary, but keep in mind they are out there.

{styling product while wet}
Deva Curl Ultra Defining Gel
A huge change from my before Deva Curl days...I only use one (ONE!) styling product while my hair is wet.  That may not be a big deal for you people who don't have to tame the beast that is curly hair, but take my word for it, this is a BIG DEAL!.  I use Ultra Defining Gel.  I have also tried a sample of a spray product that I liked too.  But I got this one first, it works, so I'm sticking with it.

{styling product when dry}
Deva Curl Styling Cream
Again, I only use one styling product once my hair is dry!

Deva Curl makes hair sprays, but I haven't ever tried it.  I still use the same hairspray I have used since 5th Grade!  So I guess I haven't totally adopted the system.

{other products}

I starting using the Microfiber towel.  
This is highly recommended by "experts" because it is suppose to keep hair from frizzing.  I have the Deva Curl towel, but have also bought cheaper ones at places like Tuesday Morning (in the kitchen towel section).  

I really was curious about the Deva Curl Hair Dryer, but never $160 curious

Then they came out with just the diffuser, which at $45 was much more pocket book friendly. 
While it looks like a giant Shrek hand, and is a little different to get used to, 
I do think that I like it a lot.

Finally, the last "ingredient" into my year long experiment is a Silk pillowcase.  Again, this is suppose to help with frizzing issues.  I see a huge difference on my second day hair (and maybe even third day on occasions!).  I ordered this Spasilk one off of Amazon.  It is pretty inexpensive, and has held up well.

Note:  Do not confuse Satin pillowcases with Silk Pillowcases.  Satin is easier to find at all the major stores.  Silk is a little harder to find (thus my order from Amazon).  Satin can actually make the frizzing worse, not better!


(1) Shampoo & Condition in the shower.
(2) I comb out my hair when I get out of the shower, clip it up with a big clip, and then usually put on my makeup.
(3) I then lean over the sink and re-wet my hair with COLD water.  I get it soaking wet.  I squeeze out a lot of the moisture, but still leave it pretty wet (it would still be dripping at this point).
(4) I add the gel, and then use my microfiber towel to kind of scrunch and squeeze out some of the excess water.
(5) I dry my hair with the diffuser.  I dry my hair until it is completely dry (a little controversial in the curly world, but it works for me).
(6) I use the style cream
(7) I spray it with hair spray.

I think that you have to find what works for your hair, but I do think starting with hair that is too dry can be a problem, and I would think this is a universal problem. 


I have really liked my year long venture into the Deva Curl world.  I think for the most part I have had pretty good hair days (more good than bad, so that's what really counts).  I also love that my hair has been in good condition.  

I have had some friends try it and they only had slightly wavy hair, but it has given them really good results too.

I find myself wanting to recommend Deva Curl to people all the time!  But I bite my tongue because how do you really say "Um, you know what would really make you hair look tons better?  Deva Curl!".

{note:  this is NOT a paid sponsor ad by Deva Curl, but oh how I wish it was!  I could use some free Deva Curl!}


Carrie said...

My oldest had ringlets. Everyone comments on her blonde ringlets and how lucky she is. Um.. If they only knew!!! I have not tried deva curl but I have heard about it. We did Ouidad for about 18 months and then it was not working as well. Now I just bought something at the store and it is okay, not awesome. Maybe deva is our next step. The winter is our hardest time though as she gets older it seems like her hair is getting a little more curly and the frizz is not like it was when she was 3 or 4 ( she will be 7 soon). I think maybe it is coming in thicker. My hardest issue is training her grandma and Mom Mom that they are not to brush her hair when it is dry. She has come back from grandmas with a poof ball head and it is so hard to fix it!

Charity said...

Its so rare to find a blog about curly hair! I feel like we an endangered species or something! ha!

Could you share how you dry your hair with the shrek hand? I am quite curious. My diffused broke, and i have been looking for a new one that works better than the old.


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