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A Florida Vacation

I went to Florida last week with my friend Abby & her family.  We had such fun at the beach!

Our view from the condo (iphone pic)
As soon as we got there on Sunday, we were ready to head to the beach...

After staying at the beach until sunset on Sunday, we went to dinner and then to the local Walmart.  We were at Walmart from 9-11 p.m. and it was as crowded as the day before Thanksgiving.  Nutso!  Everything was just about sold out...
 Monday, we enjoyed another great beach day and then went out to Baytowne Wharf .

We had dinner at Acme Oyster, one of my favorite New Orleans restaurants, which happens to also have a Florida location... Abby & her mom waiting on dinner... Crawfish & Shrimp Po-boy... Red Beans & Rice... Tuesday morning we woke up to Rain.  Normally not what you want to see on a beach vacation, but since it's been so long since we've seen any precipitation in Texas, we were not too sad.  Abby, her mom and I hit up the outlet mall, which was conveniently acr…

A prOject on the horizon

There is a prOject on the horizon (see, I typed that out so that you would say prOject in your head just as if Sarah Richardson herself was saying it with her Toronto-Canadian accent instead of my American accent).

The prOject will take place in my master bedroom and bath.  The bedroom is NOT in for a major overhaul, thank the Lord.  I'm still happy with all that I did back a year and a half ago, but there have been a couple of things that I thought needed a tweak and so I brought in an interior decorator to tell me whether or not some of my ideas were crazy or a must-do prOject. 

The bathroom, well, that's another story.  It's in for as big an overhaul as I can tackle on my own.  I'd still love to tear out the shower and start over, but that's not in my budget right now.

I'm sharing some before pics of both rooms. 

Can you figure out from the angle of the photos, what's in store for the bedroom?
(ignore the's part of the ugly truth that is su…

a Mio update

So I went all crazy and decided that I needed to try more flavors of Mio.  I Love with a capital L, the fruit punch flavor, so I decided to invest in some other flavors and purchased the Peach Tea and the Sweet Tea (they were out of  all the other flavors that day).  I have to say I'm not loving them.  I may need to experiment more with proportions, but here are my reviews as of now:

Peach Tea:  Doesn't taste like peach tea.  I couldn't put my finger exactly on what it tasted like at first, though I knew it tasted exactly like something else I've had before.  Then it hit me.  It tastes exactly like a Peach Jolly Rancher.  I like peach jolly ranchers, a lot, but I don't think I want to drink a peach jolly rancher.  Kapish?

Sweet Tea:  Doesn't taste like sweet tea.  Haven't put my finger on exactly what it does tastes like.

I want to try the Berry Pomegranate, but now I'm a little gun-shy?  Anyone out there tried that one yet?

A Heatwave & my garden

It's been  quite the summer... HOT & DRY.  It is so depressing to watch the weather portion of the news this time of year in Texas.  The only thing to watch for is to find out how much over 100' the temps will be.

I tried to plant things this spring that I thought could take the Texas heat, but I had no idea they would be put to this kind of test.  Surprisingly, they are holding up pretty well.  Of course, my water bill is quite high too!

I know most of you could care less about this, but I'm blogging these pictures for my own benefit.  This way, I can look back next year and see what did well, when it comes time to plant again.

I love that it seems the hotter it gets, the better the Hibiscus do! Of course, they need full sun, which is why I cannot plant them most places in my garden. I love that they are a little bit of tropical in my world everyday! I think I've found what works best in this large planter...coleus, perilla magilla & sweet potato vines The gerber…

A Random Post

Lots of Random thoughts today...

(1) It seems the majority of the country is now under the same heat wave we've been under for a while now.  I can't decide if I'm happy that so many people are now as miserable as I am, or if I'm peeved that I cannot complain about it now because everyone else is dealing with the same thing.

(2) I'm still obsessed with Will & Kate.  You didn't think it would end with my party did you?  I saw this item in Target this past weekend. 
Only $5.99!  I didn't get it, but I kinda wanted to.  I may have to request this for my birthday or Christmas.

I love that W&K do such normal things.  Did you hear that they went on a date night this weekend and he let her pick the movie, so they saw Bridesmaids.  I also heard that when they were in Hollywood they told some people that they loved the series Downton Abbey and couldn't wait for it to return to tv.  I love that they sit at home after he's had a day of flying helicopter…